Hire Innova Cab Bangalore to Wayanad for 4 Days

Hire Innova Cab Bangalore to Wayanad for 4 Days with Price
Hire Innova Cab Bangalore to Wayanad for 4 Days with Price

If you have always wanted to take a road trip with your friends, family or your partner to a place which is beautiful and is away from the hustle-bustle of the city of Bangalore, then Wayanad is just right for you. The distance between Bangalore to Wayanad is around 280 km which makes for an average six-hour drive.

The road connecting Bangalore to Wayanad is well maintained and runs through forests and hence will make for a very calm journey. To add to this, we promise to provide you with well-maintained Innova cabs for 4 days from Bangalore to Wayanad, so you can have a comfortable trip.

Day 1 : Bangalore to Wayanad | Wayanad Sightseeing

Chembra Peak

Chembra Peak is the best place with which you should start your four day trip of Wayanad as from this peak you can get an aerial experience of the beauty of Wayanad. Situated at a height of 2100m above the sea level, it makes for one of the best trekking routes and allows you a calm retreat in the heart of ‘God’s Own Country’.  

Edakkal Caves

If you interested in the history of our ancestors and would like to trace back our origins, Edakkal Caves is the place for you as here you will be able to come face-to-face with our past. These caves are said to belong to The Stone Age and have pictorial drawings which date back to 6000 BCE.

Day 2: Wayanad Local Sightseeing

Pookot Lake

Kerala is known for its freshwater lakes and one of the best freshwater lakes of Wayanad is Pookot Lake where you will experience serenity like never before. Pookot Lake is a must visit place in our 4 day trip to Wayanad from Bangalore by Toyota Innova cab with your significant other where you can spend some quality time.

Meenmutty Falls

Meenmutty Falls is every traveller’s delight because of its three-tiered waterfall that will mesmerize you with its beauty. Tourists often flock to this waterfall in order to experience the ferocity of nature.

Lakiddi View Point

Lakkidi View Point is one of the most frequented tourist spots in Wayanad as it is known for its horror associations and coupled with that fact it makes for a very beautiful view of Wayanad as it is situated at a height of 700 meters above the sea level.

Day 3: Wayanad Sightseeing

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary

Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is no less than a heaven for lovers of nature and birds as here one can spot a number of birds, some of them even endangered. To make the most of your visit to this sanctuary, make sure you carry a pair of binoculars with you. It is the most preferred sightseeing place with our Bangalore to Wayanad tour for 4 day by comfortable and well maintained Innova car.

Soochippara Waterfall

Soochippara Waterfalls is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Wayanad and to add to its beauty, it is maintained in such a manner that at the foot of the waterfall, you can indulge in recreational activities like swimming and bathing.

Wayanad / Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary

Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary will introduce you to the rich animal kingdom of Wayanad. Here, you would be able to experience animals living at peace with nature. You are bound to see a variety of deer and elephants here and if you are lucky, you may even chance on some tigers. It’s a place not to miss on your 4 days Wayanad trip.

Day 4: Wayanad Sightseeing | Departure from Wayanad to Bangalore

Banasura Sagar Dam

Your last day at Wayanad should be your most memorable which is why it will start with a  visit to Banasura Sagar Dam which also happens to be the largest earthen dam in India and the second largest in Asia. Here you can wind off your day and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island comprises of a number of islands and will make for a very unique experience. Here at the islands, you can spot a number of migratory birds and can also indulge in recreational water activities like boating.

Shopping at Wayanad

A 4 day trip to Wayanad in an Innova cab is only complete with a visit to its local markets. We would recommend you to shop from Santhi Pappadam, located on Market Road. Here you can hoard exquisite handloom and handicraft goods.

About Bangalore

‘The Silicon Valley Of India’ is one of the best tourists destinations as it has everything that a traveller could ask for. The city is home to a number of scenic parks, museums and also has some of the best South Indian Temples. Check out all the popular places to visit in Bangalore.

About Wayanad

Wayanad is the perfect place for a weekend getaway as it is situated in the lap of nature and its beauty is sure to evoke the Romantic in you. When at Wayanad you can experience nature at its best with a visit to the many tourist places that the Wayanad has to offer.

We exhort you to undertake this journey from Bangalore to Wayanad with us to have the best experience. We shall provide you with well-maintained Innova cabs coupled with friendly drivers.

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